"One little bean and a dream"
Edamame - this awesome little vegetable, the crown jewel
of the soybean family, the Veggie of All Veggies is rapidly
growing in popularity in America and around the world.

Believe it or not, Edamame has been used for over two
thousand years in the Far East. Records indicate that
Edamame was first used in China some 2200 years ago.

Edamame, pronounced "eh-dah-MAH-may" or
"Ed-a-Ma-may" is a green vegetable more commonly
known as a soybean. Unlike regular soybeans which dry
on the plant, Edamame pods are picked green, a little
premature, right at the peak of ripening, when the pods
are at their fullest and most delicious state.

The word Edamame simply means "Beans on Branches"

Each Edamame pod contains about two to three beans
that have a sweet, nutty and buttery flavor that only
nature could produce.

"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."
                                             - La Rochefoucauld
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Edamame is an amazing veggie that is a powerhouse  
of nutritional might call it the Veggie
of all Veggies.

  •  Edamame is cholesterol free

  •  Edamame has no saturated fats

  •  Edamame is high in protein

  •  Edamame is a complete protein, matching
    the protein found in meat and eggs

  •  Edamame is the only plant-based protein
    that has all the essential amino acids

  •  Edamame contains isoflavones, which have
    antioxidant properties

  •  Edamame is a great source for Vitamin A, B,
    calcium, iron and other nutrients

  •  Edamame helps promote healthy hearts,     
    bodies and bones

Some of the health benefits associated with
Edamame and soy products include:

  •  Lower LDL cholesterol levels

  •  Lower risk of heart disease

  •  Improve post-menopausal symptoms

  •  Helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass
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