"One little bean and a dream"
Our Edamame Dips
Garlic Edamame Dip
When we created this dip, we started with the principle "you can never have too much garlic". This dip contains 1/3 of a pound of Edamame plus four whole cloves of fresh garlic. That's a lot of garlic in a 10oz tub. If you're looking for a great, rich garlic taste, you will love this one. Just don't plan on kissing anyone for a few hours.
Orginal Edamame Dip
When we created this dip, we wanted the spot light to be on the great tasting Edamame Bean. We didn't want any other flavors competing with the delicious buttery taste of the Edamame Bean. In order to achieve this we added a splash of lemon juice, and a dash of good karma and called it a day. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.
Cucumber Edmame Dip
When we created this dip, we wanted to create a balanced dip where the cucumber complimented the great tasting edamame bean. We knew we got it right when people began telling us the Cucumber Edamame Dip tastes like a refreshing spring day. Who would've ever thought that the Edamame Bean and the cucumber would make such great dance partners....sort of like Ying and Yang.
Spicy Asian Pepper Edamame Dip
When we created this dip, we wanted to spice things up and zing the taste buds. Our secret Asain Pepper Spice mix is nice and quiet at first, then it moves quickly until the heat sneaks up on your tongue like a ninja in the night. On the spice scale, this one ranks a solid 7 and it will take about 7 seconds to get the full effect. Our patrons desribe it as a perfect "heat".....not too hot, not too spicy. Sounds like we might have achieved a Zen like balance. We think we created a spice so nice, it might set you free.
Soy-Sen-Zay, LLC
Shawnee, KS 66217
All of our Edamame Dips are made weekly by our family in small
batches with all natural ingredients.

Our Edamame Dips are all natural, creamy in texture, rich
in flavor, high in nutritional value and
vegan. All of our dips
dairy and gluten free with no preservatives added.

Our Edamame Dips are so good you can eat them right
out of the tub.  They are great on carrots, snap peas, pita
and flat breads, cucumbers, apples, celery, even mixed with
mashed potatoes. Serve it on a sandwich or wrap instead
of mayonnaise. Serve it as a side with meat and fish.

They're great with a nice glass of red or white wine.  Our dips
are very versatile.

Each tub of our Edamame Dip contains 10 oz of great tasting, nutritional all natural ingredients. Every tub
contains 1/3 of a pound of Edamame, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and other all natural ingredients and

Our dips are best served with family and friends.  

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Our Flavors
Nutritional Information:

Our Edamame Dips are all natural and vegan. They contain
no dairy, no gluten, no preservatives, no trans fats.

Our products are a great source of protein and fiber and are low

The fat  grams found in our dips are the "good fat grams" that
come from the Edamame bean, olive oil and tahini.  
Serving Information:

Serving Size - 2 table spoons,  Tub Size 10 0z
    Servings per unit - 7-8
    Calories - 50-70
    Fat Grams -4-6
    Carbs - 2-4
    Protein 1-2
    Net Carb:   1-2
    Fiber -       1 gram
    Cholesterol:   Zero
    Trans Fat - Zero
    Sodium -   110-120mg
                          * low sodium
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Spicy Garlic Edamame Dip
We can't take credit for the creation of this one. We have to give the right props to our patrons who went home and started mixing the Spicy Asian Pepper and Garlic together. When we started hearing how many patrons were doing this, we had to create this one. It's a one, two punch combo of our two best flavors. We took the Zing of the Spicy Asian Pepper and the Zang of the Garlic. When you taste this one you will be saying "Zing/Zang....Dang that's GOOD!"
Ginger Wasabi Edamame Dip
When we created this dip, we wanted your taste buds to ride a wave of flavors. This dip starts out with a tidal wave of great Ginger taste, followed with a small wave of sweetness before a gentle wave of Wasabi comes ashore. Before your next bite, you will be thinking "is this Nirvana"