"One little bean and a dream"
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Soy-Sen-Zay, LLC
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"Our 7 year old loves it on crackers, carrots,
you name it!  He simply cannot get enough of
this dip!"
- JamesL,  Shawnee KS
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"I was so surprised when I discovered  your
product was vegan. It's so creamy and rich.
Thank you for creating such a great tasting
vegan product"
- BrianW,  Kansas City, Mo
"Our family favorite is the Spicy Asian
Pepper. We love to eat it with wheat thins and
celery and carrots.  It is a great healthy snack
that tastes wonderful!"  
- Chambers Family , Shawnee, KS
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"We've been buying your Edamame Dips for
the last year. We love all the flavors. We're
amazed at how versatile it is. I love to mix the
Spicy Asian Pepper with scramble eggs in the
morning. Try it, you will love it"
- ShawnK, Overland Park, KS
"Our favorite is the Cucumber Edamame Dip.
Its so fresh and crisp tasting.  It's great on
carrots. We love to put on wraps and
sandwiches. It's great right out of the tub or  
with a glass of wine"
- BethB,  Denver CO
"Our family loves all the flavors. We like to
put the Garlic and Spicy Asian Pepper on
burgers and steaks"
- LauraS,  Madison WI
"I eat a tub of your Garlic Edamame every
week. I just bought the Ginger Wasabi and was
blown away. Great flavor and balance. A great
addition to your product line.  It could be my
new favorite"
- MaryT,  Independence MO
"My children can't eat wheat. Thank you for
creating  great tasting, gluten free products.
My kids love the Original and Cucumber
- KarenK,  Parkville MO
"We love the Spicy Asian Pepper. We use it to
make nachos instead of using cheese. Its
great on burritos and tacos.
- AmandaB,  Fort Dodge IA
"I have always loved eating the edamame beans because of its texture and the nutritional value.
However you guys have taken it to another level and it's GREAT! Over the weekend at Nature's
Pantry, My husband and I had the privilege of trying your great products and simply fell in love
with it all of it.  My absolute favorite is Garlic and Asian Pepper, but my kids like it all.  We
purchased the cucumber, Asian Pepper, Garlic and the Wasabi one.  I have to say within the evening
when we purchased this our 4 children devoured it and it was gone in an hour! We will definitely eat
healthier now knowing that there is NO gluten or dairy involved.  Great product!  We LOVE
Soy-Zen-Zay! It will definitely become a staple in our home.

                                                                                                    -CindyW, Independence, MO
"Hello, I just tried your product in a Whole
Foods in Denver,CO. Great flavors and great
idea. Thanks for making this wonderful
healthy product. I wish you and everyone
there much success."

 ScottM, Denver CO                    
"We discover your product at Nature's Pantry
as it was being demonstrated that day.  We fell
in love with Cucumber, Asian Pepper, and my
wife's favorite Garlic. We are getting older and
trying to take better care of ourselves and are
eliminating all harmful products out of our
lives.  We find that this is a great "change" for
us, besides it's so GOOD!  We are planning to
buy all the flavor and never be without it!  We
love Soy-Sen-Zay! Keep up the good work."

 -JWilliams,  Independence, MO
"I love the Ginger Wasabi!  I've never eaten
anything that tastes so much like one of my
favorite meals; fresh rolls from a sushi bar,
topped with ginger slices and wasabi."

KrisB, Moorland  IA